Thursday, October 22, 2009

Collapse of the right wing

On June 14th, I had written a post titled - Defeat of the right wing.

In that I had warned that the BJP is fast becoming the ideological mirror of the Left. A piece of political space occupied by the huffers and puffers who enjoy the patronage of a select hardcore few in the electorate but banished to the extreme wilderness.

That was then and this is now. The BJP is moving too slowly. They have absolutely no idea what to do next. While they are busy blowing down each others house of cards, the electorate has moved on.

For the third time in Maharashtra, the electorate has shown a thumbs down to the rabble rouser's. The BJP-Sena combine and the Thackeray's squabbling pushed the voters to a saner lot.

Why wouldn't the voters be attracted to a party that has a sane, low-profile, no nonsense president and an equally sane, low-profile and intelligent Prime Minister.

Where is the alternative? It looks like the principle opposition is clearing the political real estate faster than anyone expected.

As I said earlier, I say it now. The Congress is well on its way to becoming the natural party of governance in the country and I don't see any force being able to stop it.

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